Severe Service Applications

Severe Service Valve Solutions

Severe Service Valve Solutions When we talk about severe service, it spans across a variety of product lines for us. We have tackled a variety of solutions such as huge pressure drops as well as critically accurate temperature controls in Pharma steam applications among a long list of other applications with our Masoneilan line. We have helped customers with metal seated ball valve applications in extreme high temp and pressure situations and we have combined products to provide both valve and actuation all the way up to and including Nuclear solutions and helping NASA launch the space shuttle back in the day and rockets today.

Our focus and commitment to our customers is to be the one call they need to make to find a true solution. Our approach to being "Best in Class" is for us to constantly be learning so that we may be able to quickly and professional provide solutions for even the most difficult of applications. Being partnered with premier lines, we are blessed to be a company who thrives on severe service solutions and building custom valve solutions when need be, we are able to add quality products to the application expertise we bring.

All of our product technicians go through extensive in house training in addition to the multiple levels of Factory training as required for us to be the factory service arm for our long list of premier lines. We work hard to cross train when we can, get them in to a variety of industries to extend their expertise, and give them a place to call home and grow a career so as to retain the huge investments in to our people. This translate in to a long standing service team to be there and support any solution through proper factory PM programs and lifelong asset management and repair histories with our Valvkeep software. All of this data is available to our customers through our 24/7 web application we call VK Viewer.

We feel this combination of people, knowledge, and products make us uniquely able to help our customers and we can't wait to tackle your most difficult or stubborn issue. So give some thought to your most troublesome severe service valve issues, and then contact us below to let us in on what you are facing so we can prove to you that you need not worry, or call anyone else. We got this!