Chemical and Petrochemical Refining

Our partners in the chemical and petrochemical refining industries serve up some incredibly important products. They supply fuel for cars, home heating, farm equipment, and much more. But when equipment fails, it can have troublesome effects, most notably for the company facing downtime and potential profit losses. At Chalmers & Kubeck, we can help your operations run smoothly again with a wide range of industrial maintenance services, including sales, repairs, and fabrication.

How We Service Chemical Refining Companies

C&K has an unmatched portfolio of services, all performed by a team of certified and highly trained technicians. Some services we conduct for chemical and petrochemical refining plants include the following.

Safety Valves, Line Valves, and Actuator Sales, Maintenance, and Repair

C&K provides sales, maintenance, and repairs for a wide variety of flow control components. For safety valves, we are a Consolidated Green Tag valve sales and service center, and we have an extensive inventory of materials, with exotic options like Hastelloy, stainless steel, and Inconel. Our services include:

  • ASME- and National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI)-certified repairs for V- and UV-stamped safety and safety relief valves.
  • Pilot valve sales, maintenance, and repair.
  • Hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid valve service.
  • Dual media-certified spring-operated relief valve trim.
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) 526 spring valve-to-pilot valve conversions with integral sensing and no piping modifications.

Outside of safety valves, we offer sales, maintenance, and repairs for:

  • Line Valves: We’re a Durco plug valve-authorized Black Tie Plus sales and service center and a Velan-authorized Level III repair center.
  • Actuators: C&K is a Limitorque Blue Ribbon actuator sales and service center. We also have valve actuator adaptation services and on-site preventative maintenance programs.

Level Indication

We can assist with level indication with the following Clark-Reliance devices:

  • Boiler level indicators, including the Simpliport 180 and Eye-Hye
  • Jerguson® flash-proof chamber magnetic level indicator for low boiling point liquids
  • Jerguson® mercury-free tri-magnet level switches
  • Jerguson® 360 metal-seated safety ballcheck valve

Pump Repair

For pump repair for chemical and petrochemical refining, look no further than your Greene Tweed-authorized distributor for composite bearings, bushings, and case and wear rings.

We work with:

  • Boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Deepwell pumps.
  • API pumps.
  • Horizontal, vertical, overhung, and split case pumps.

Welding services from C&K include:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Power Piping (PP) and Pressure Vessel (U) repairs, alterations, and new fabrications.
  • Custom platform and railing fabrication.
  • Channel box and heat exchanger repair and upgrades.
  • Plate and frame fabrication.
  • Rotating equipment casing repairs.

In addition to standard service, we can conduct on-site, emergency repairs.

Rotating Equipment Repair

If your rotating equipment is off-balance or needs restoration, overhauls, or repairs, C&K can provide thermal spray repairs, dynamic balancing, and shaft straightening. Steam turbine overhauls are also in our wheelhouse for brands like Murray, Elliot, and Terry.

On-Site Machining Services

We can come to you with on-site machining services for chemical and petrochemical refining businesses, including laser alignment, machining of large-diameter gasket faces, and milling and shimming bases for motors, pumps, turbines, compressors, and gearboxes.

Gearbox Overhauls and Gear Manufacturing

From individual gears to complete overhauls of a gearbox, C&K does it all.

Our gearbox overhauls for chemical and petrochemical refining come from our Flender-authorized repair center. Some of our capabilities include speed increaser gearboxes with Babbitt bearings and right-angle cooling tower gearboxes.

If you need a new gear made, our precision ground gearing comes in helical, double helical, and internal and external spur configurations. We use thru-hardened, carburized, or induction-hardened materials. C&K can reverse engineer a gear and create service factor upgrades, along with emergency and on-site support services.

Your Source for Industrial Service

When you work with the experts at C&K, you partner with people who put quality first. We have large, ISO-certified facilities and skilled technicians ready to get you working as soon as possible. To take advantage of C&K services, contact us today!