Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Building life-saving devices and medicines calls for trustworthy equipment and services. If something breaks, you need to know you can get it working quickly to keep these essential products on their way to consumers. Fortunately, Chalmers & Kubeck can assist. With a vast range of services, we’re proud to be a one-stop shop for our biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

Our Biotech and Parmaceutical Services

Explore the plethora of services offered at C&K including sales, maintenance, repairs, and much more.

Safety Valve and Actuator Sales, Maintenance, and Repair

We can help across the life cycles of these critical tools. For safety valves for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, we offer on-site Electronic Valve Testing (EVT) and pilot valve sales, maintenance, and repair. We are a Consolidated Green Tag Center for valve sales and service and can conduct American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)- and National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI)-certified repairs for V- and UV-stamped safety and safety relief valves.

Our services for actuators for biotech and pharmaceutical companies include a full portfolio of sales, maintenance, and repair capabilities. We can do on-site preventative maintenance programs and valve actuator adaptation services. For Limitorque products, we’re proud to be a Blue Ribbon actuator sales and service center.

Level Indication

Our level indication sales include Clark-Reliance boiler level indication and Jerguson® magnetic level indication for dependable monitoring.

Rupture Disk and Holder Sales

We carry products from the respected Zook line of rupture disks and holders.

Sanitary Fittings

To meet the requirements of various regulatory agencies, you’ll need tools like sanitary fittings. We can set you up with the right ones for your facility.

Welding Services

C&K conducts numerous welding services, including:

  • ASME Power Piping (PP) and Pressure Vessel (U) repairs, alterations, and new fabrications.
  • Custom platform and railing fabrication.
  • Channel box and heat exchanger repairs and upgrades.
  • Plate and frame fabrications.
  • Rotating equipment casing repairs.

Many of these services are available for on-site, emergency repairs if needed.

Pump Repair

Our pump engineering services include extensive pump repair capabilities, including in-field pump repair for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We can take care of pump engineering, machining, fabrication, and restoration, along with dynamic balancing and hydrostatic testing for boiler feedwater pumps and other pumps in your operation.

Gearbox Overhauls

The C&K gear division can conduct full gearbox overhauls to bring your equipment, including right-angle cooling tower gearboxes, up to speed and match your modern-day needs. We can overhaul gearboxes from any manufacturer and adhere to American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) and DIN standards with a wide range of in-house and in-field capabilities. We are also a Flender-authorized repair center.

Partnering With C&K

When you work with C&K, you partner with a company that puts quality first. We understand the needs of biologics and pharmaceutical companies and are up for any challenge you can throw at us. With a large facility, high-capacity equipment, and well-trained technicians, we have a massive range of capabilities that allow us to be your trusted source for diverse repairs, maintenance tasks, and sales.

To learn more about working with C&K for your pharmaceutical or biotech company, please contact an expert today!