Networked Actuation

Networked MOV Actuation Solutions

Networked MOV Valve Solutions Chalmers & Kubeck have been proudly representing Limitorque Actuators for over 3 decades. We have seen it all from literally supporting one of the last original early 1900's Limitorque actuators (which now proudly resides on display in our Watkinsville Shop) to servicing customers who have networked their entire application and can monitor and run it remotely. We continue to work with company's today who are using this networked technology to move from scheduled PM and maintenance to a predictive model by capturing numerous data points as the MOV are called upon and trending that data such as torque and motor temperatures to identify issues in the application before they lead to costly down time.

Though we have decades of experience on our team, as the second largest Limitorque rep in the US, we also work hand in hand with the factory to continue leading distributors globally with the latest in networked applications. That factory relationship is key in making sure we provide the best overall solution for customers that will last them years in to the future in an area that changes at the blistering pace of other digital technologies. Today they provide a full range of networking protocols to enable us to put a Limitorque in to your system seamlessly. While they do provide a Master station for use to help you in reducing I/O requirements or just expertly handling a up to 250 actuators, it is not required for you to take advantage of our networked solutions. All of our systems use no-proprietary communications so you are not "locked" in to any solution unlike some competitors.

Our focus and commitment to our customers is to be the one call they need to make to find a cost effective actuation solution. Our approach to being best in class is for us to constantly be learning so that we may be able to quickly and professionally provide digital networking and actuation. Being partnered with Limitorque, we are able to bring to bear the original and still industry leader in actuation products to our customers.

All of our product technicians go through extensive in house training in addition to the Factory training as required for us to be a Blue Ribbon factory service arm for Limitorque. We truly have the best technician stable in the business including the only Factory Certified trainer outside of Limitorque. This translate in to a long standing service team to be there and support any solution through proper factory PM programs and lifelong asset management and repair histories with our Valvkeep software. All of this data is available to our customers through our 24/7 web application we call VK Viewer.

We feel this combination of people, knowledge, and products make us uniquely able to help our customers and we can't wait to tackle your MOV networking needs. If you ready to get your MOVs talking then contact us below to let us in on what you are facing so we can prove to you that you need not worry, or call anyone else. We got this!