With our precision field machining services, you can address a wide range of on-site evaluation and repair needs. Our highly experienced team will arrive at your job site, evaluate machine repair needs, and provide necessary services. Whatever your applications, our team can evaluate your situation and deliver results directly.

When you need trusted solutions to keep your business running, the team at Chalmers & Kubeck offers a dedicated machining department to address your applications. We robust use equipment and tools to handle field repair service needs on-site for streamlined progress. 

Precision Field Machining Solutions for Your Applications

From stud tapping to vibration analysis, our team can assess your machinery requirements and find the right solution efficiently and accurately. Our servicing capabilities include 50-inch diameter in-house flange facing, up to 50-inch diameter in-line boring, and up to 120-inch diameter for rental equipment flange facing. With our broad range of advanced equipment, we can handle an extensive list of servicing needs to help keep your machinery running more smoothly and safely. 

We can also provide stud removal and tapping, long-term data mapping, heat exchanger repair, and other solutions. When you contact us, we’ll provide prompt assistance and a fast turnaround. We understand how critical it is to keep your operations running smoothly, and we’re committed to offering the best solutions for your specialized applications.

Field Machining Service Capabilities

When you need field machining assistance, our team can provide wide-ranging services on-site. Solution offerings we provide include:

  • Outline Material: We offer in-line boring and flange facing for self-contained mobile vehicles or trailers.
  • Valve Seat Repairs: Our services include finishing machining seat angles, handling weld buildup, and providing hard face removal.
  • Heat Exchanger Repair: We provide milling division plates to resurface the gasket area.
  • Equipment Modification: From counterboring to drilling to welding to facing, we offer a wide range of services to modify your existing equipment.
  • Stud Removal Tapping: We can provide services for studs up to 5 inches.
  • Machine Base Milling: We offer milling services for machines bases up to 5 inches.
  • Bearing Journal Sleeve: Our team repairs bearing journal sleeves with up to 24-inch diameters.
  • Keyway Milling: These services include enlarging, repairing, and relocating solutions to match your requirements.
  • Pipe Cutting: We can safely and efficiently cut pipes up to a 16-inch diameter.
  • Weld Preparation: Our services include weld preparation for pipes up to 16 inches in diameter.

We also can provide field balancing, vibration analysis, and laser alignment services based on your specifications.

Learn How C&K Can Meet Your Requirements

We maintain a team of highly skilled technicians ready to come on-site to meet emergency field machining needs. Whatever your applications, our team is here to help get your equipment back on the job as safely and quickly as possible. We’re available 24/7 for emergency assistance and offer fast turnaround for service requests. When you need repair or maintenance services to keep your operations running smoothly, C&K can help.

To get more information or request servicing, contact us today.