Actuator Torque Verification

Actuator Torque Test Stand - Limitorque Factory certified Sales and Service

Chalmers & Kubeck  understands that actuated valves MUST PERFORM correctly when called upon and that there is often NO SECOND CHANCE. Performance testing of Motor Operated Valves (MOV’s) is uniquely performed at C&K utilizing proprietary testing equipment to check actuators for both TORQUE and THRUST. These tests insure that the unit you receive performs as advertised; we can PROVE it.

Every actuator repaired or refurbished by C&K is subjected to a rigorous LOAD test using C&K Torque Test Stands with the results monitored by computer and digitally documented. Specialty actuators are also often subjected to a THRUST test to verify that their output is consistent with published catalog values. 

This service, in addition to the rigorous factory training our techs go through, are just part of what separates C&K from our competition. It is also in line with our goal to always be Best in Class at everything we do. 

C&K- “Taking MOV Repair & Testing to a NEW Level”

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