Whether you’re commissioning the main propulsion drives for a new dredge or repairing an aging aircraft carrier, you need a professional service partner you can trust to do a quality job before your ship sets sail. And if something stops working, you need fast, reliable service for an uninterrupted operation and continued uptime. Chalmers & Kubeck is a trusted partner for many companies in the marine industry servicing dredges, tug boats, fuel barges and even naval vessels. Our extensive portfolio of services includes repairs, maintenance, and fabrication.

ABS Certified

C&K is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), which means we abide by stringent standards developed for safe design and construction for marine vessels and structures. These standards cover many factors, including our welding procedures and mechanical repairs, which are in collaboration with local ABS offices.

C&K Services

At C&K, we strive to deliver exceptional quality with each service we offer. We do this through various third-party approvals, extensive quality assurance measures, and custom solutions specific to your unique business environment. These services and products include the following.

Gearbox Overhauls

Regardless of the manufacturer or application, we can overhaul your gearbox. Gearbox overhauls in the marine industry include rebuilding your existing equipment, such as winch drives, main propulsion drives, Z drives, and more. We can deliver custom engineering services to fit complex, high-powered equipment in cramped spaces. Our capabilities cover in-house balancing up to 5,000 pounds and no-load spin testing.

Gear Manufacturing

Our gear manufacturing for the marine industry delivers versatile precision-ground gearing in helical, double helical, and internal and external spur designs. We use carburized, induction-hardened, and thru-hardened materials. C&K can reverse engineer and upgrade the service factor of your existing gearbox, as well as provide emergency and on-site support services.

Safety Valve and Actuator Sales, Maintenance, and Repair

At C&K, we also offer sales, maintenance, and repairs for safety valves and actuators.

Our safety valves for the marine industry include fuel barge valves, and we’re a Consolidated Green Tag Center for safety valve sales and services. With our two-shift operation, we frequently provide quick turnaround service and recertification on steam service safety valves for ships that come to port for a very limited time.

When it comes to actuators for the marine industry, we have a range of options, including valve actuator adaptation services and on-site preventative maintenance programs. We’re also a Limitorque Blue Ribbon actuator sales and service center.

Welding Services

We provide various welding services for the marine industry, with many different materials and methods available. We can deliver custom platform and railing fabrication and on-site emergency repairs if needed. Our processes are certified by groups like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Boiler Inspectors (NBBI).

Experience the C&K Advantage

Partnering with C&K means you’re putting quality first. We pride ourselves on meeting our marine partners’ needs through top-tier facilities, skilled technicians and the certifications to prove it. Our machinery can support even the largest of projects, and we always jump at a challenge. Whether you need immediate on-site support, emergency turnarounds, or standard repairs, you can trust the industrial experts at C&K.

We’ll put your business needs as a top priority and address your unique challenges. If you need a repair, upgrade, inspection, fabrication, or new product sales please reach out to a pro today!