Borescope Services

Industrial borescopes allow for remote visual inspections in areas where it is difficult or impossible for the human eye to see directly. A borescope is a handy tool for helping mechanics look inside complicated mechanisms related to all sorts of machines and assemblies, such as gearboxes.

The Chalmers & Kubeck borescope technology program can provide the perfect solution to a wide variety of equipment issues. We utilize borescope equipment similar to that used in the medical field to detect potential signs of trouble. Our borescope can enter an opening as small as 0.375 inches and features an articulating camera head that provides a clear and detailed image of your equipment’s internal components.

Borescope Inspection Technology

Many of our customers utilize our borescope services during outages or planned down days. On many occasions, we have found problems during these inspections the customer could repair, saving them costly downtime during production. Finding a failed bearing and performing a seal change can result in preventing costly gear damage.

Our borescope technicians are highly trained and experienced, developing a substantial in-house shop background before traveling to customers’ work sites. We train our technicians by requiring them to perform a borescope inspection on a gearbox before it’s disassembled in the shop, then comparing the pictures with the actual part. 

An industrial gearbox is a system of enclosed parts that sends an output device mechanical energy. Gearboxes can modify torque, speed, and other characteristics to convert energy into a useable format. Many different industries incorporate gearboxes in their facilities for a broad range of purposes.

A few examples of the gearboxes we inspect include those for:

Finding even the slightest problem in these complex devices is critical to keep them from requiring costly repairs down the road. Read more on our blog.

Borescope Inspection Services

With each borescope inspection, we provide a detailed report that includes recommendations based on our findings and whether the inspected unit is in good, fair, or poor condition. We keep this information on file and compare the previous reports with current inspection findings to assess the wear or damage of the unit over time.

Some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Huge savings in repairs
  • Steady production time
  • Maintained work efficiencies and quality

Incorporating a regular borescope inspection plan can catch problematic bearings or gears before they fail. Read more on our blog.

Working With Chalmers & Kubeck for Your Borescope Inspections

At C&K, customer service is always our main goal. For us, it is more than just maintenance or a repair — it is a chance to help our customers stay running. We take pride in our preventive maintenance and failure analysis services. With our diverse borescope capabilities, we enable hundreds of companies yearly to detect, assess, and remove potential failures.

C&K is open seven days a week with 24-hour field inspection, mechanical and machining services. We are among the leaders in the industry for comprehensive parts manufacturing and repair. Our team has the experience and dedication to meet your industrial machining needs, no matter your business or application.

Review our other preventive maintenance services for more information or reach out to request a quote for a borescope inspection at your facility.