From aerospace applications to electronics and various consumer goods, rubber is an essential material across many industries and areas of life. Producing it requires an array of different components to work in concert with each other, and when one goes down, it can seriously affect the production line, profits, and company reputation. To keep your downtime to a minimum, Chalmers & Kubeck offers a comprehensive, unmatched array of industrial services, regardless of who made your equipment or when.

How We Service Rubber Production Companies

The wide range of services we offer for rubber producers includes repairs, manufacturing, sales, and inspections. 

Gearbox Overhauls

Our gearbox overhauls for rubber companies are a great way to revitalize an obsolete gearbox. We can reverse engineer and manufacture these components for nearly any brand and bring your extruder or other equipment up to speed. One of our specialties is servicing Flender products, as we are a Flender-authorized sales and service center and offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts.

Gear Manufacturing

Following a gearbox failure, you may need new gears made, we can help there, too. C&K offers gear manufacturing for rubber companies, including reverse engineering and service factor upgrades. We can create precision ground gearing in helical, double helical, and internal or external spur configurations. We use a range of materials in thru-hardened, carburized, or induction-hardened options and can help you determine which solution will fit best in your needs.

Gear manufacturing is available in standard, emergency, and on-site support services.

Rotating Equipment Repair

If your rotating equipment is failing, C&K can provide repairs and adjustments. We offer:

  • Thermal Spray Repairs: Thermal spray can restore old machinery and mitigate wear, corrosion, high temperatures, and erosion.
  • Dynamic Balancing: We can balance your equipment’s rotors for smooth operation.
  • Shaft Straightening: Keep rotating parts properly aligned on a straightened shaft.

Reverse Engineering Services

Regardless of the manufacturer, C&K can reverse engineer a wide range of components to OEM standards or better to get you back to business.

Borescope Inspections

Our borescope inspections for rubber companies let us get a close-up look at your gearbox’s hard-to-reach areas and keep things working smoothly.

On-Site Machining Services

Our field machining services for rubber companies allow us to meet your needs without delay via our mobile machining trailers and vehicles. We can conduct services like laser alignment and milling and shimming bases for motors, pumps, and gearboxes.

The C&K Difference

With the help of C&K, you can expect quality and versatility under one roof. We have large facilities filled with machinery, all backed by robust third-party certifications like those from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our range of capabilities is simply unmatched, and our trained and certified technicians can help you with a wide spectrum of industrial maintenance and repair projects.

We’re a one-stop-shop for many rubber production companies. We pride ourselves on getting you back to work quickly with the high-end tools and equipment you need to support the production of this essential material. 

Reach Out to C&K Today

If you’re in need of a repair, replacement, or upgrade, reach out to the pros at C&K to learn more about how we can help.