Greene Tweed

Greene Tweed

Greene Tweed is well-known for its industry-leading seal, coating, and wear and abrasion products. With a place in such diverse industries such as life sciences and energy production to military and aerospace, Greene Tweed delivers premium quality solutions for industrial applications.

Chalmers & Kubeck is the regional distributor for Greene Tweed products, which allows us to support all your most challenging industrial applications. Our Greene Tweed sealing, wear, and abrasions solutions offer excellent performance in severe service / highly demanding environments.

Sealing Solutions

C&K offers high-quality sealing solutions from multiple product lines, including Chemraz®, Xyfluor®, Fluoraz®, Avalon®, and Fusion™. The type of sealing material used for a specific system or application often depends on the level of durability and protection you need. Greene Tweed O-rings, for example, can handle high temperatures — in some cases, up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They also offer steam resistance and chemical resistance so that even in harsh work environments, they can offer long-lasting reliability. If you’re looking for a seal that can withstand greater pressure and chemical exposure or if you need resistance to Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD), we recommend our Greene Tweed Chemraz®products.

Other flouroelastomers and fluoropolymers we offer, such as options from the Xyfluor® and Avalon® product families, also suit a broad temperature and pressure range. These sealing solutions are resistant to a wide variety of liquids and gases to keep your applications running smoothly. Visit our Greene Tweed Sealing Solutions page to learn more.

Wear & Abrasion Solutions

Are you looking for a better way to safeguard your rotating equipment in the workplace? At C&K, we carry and support a selection of Greene Tweed wear and abrasion resistant solutions to help extend the mean time between service for your pumps and other rotating equipment. If your demanding process has high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) conditions, aggressive chemicals, occasional dry run conditions, or abrasive fluids, Green Tweed offers excellent solutions to help protect your equipment while increasing overall performance.

One of the challenges with rotating equipment is that increased clearances decrease efficiency and can actually destabilize the rotating element while tight clearances can lead to inadvertent contact between stationary and rotating elements causing wear, galling, or in the worse case condition, seizing of the elements. If an abrasive fluid medium is involved (e.g. sandy / silty / brackish river water), traditional cutlass rubber bearings in a vertical pump application actually trap those abrasives and aggressively wear the pump shaft or pump shaft sleeves (if you’re lucky enough to have sleeves).

C&K helps mitigate these operational issues using solutions from Greene Tweed’s WR® (wear resistant) and AR® (abrasion resistant) product lines. The associated composites are composed of a PEEK, PTFE, or a PEEK / PTFE matrix reinforced with either chopped carbon fibers, continuous hoop-wound carbon fibers, carbon fiber sheets, or a 3D carbon fiber weave. Typical applications are pump impeller wear rings, case wear rings, throat bushings, throttle bushings, center bushings, and shaft sleeves. Utilizing these composites allows the end user to decrease running clearances to stabilize shaft dynamics while offering a high temperature chemically resistant surface that is wear resistant with non-galling / non-seizing properties.

Greene Tweed Wear and Abrasion Resistant products we have available include:

  • WR® 300
  • WR® 525
  • WR® 575
  • WR® 600
  • WR® 650
  • AR® 1
  • AR® HT

To further prolong equipment life in conditions where an abrasion resistant (AR) bearing are needed, C&K recommends hardfacing the opposing journal with a protective Thermal Spray Coating. Visit our Greene Tweed Wear & Abrasion Solutions page to learn more.

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C&K offers a variety of Greene Tweed products for your industrial sealing and protection applications. Performance is our first priority, so we’ll deliver a product that will help your equipment perform more efficiently and reliably.

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