Hydro Power Generation  

Hydro power generation is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy, with many turbines from the early 1900s still in operation today. At Chalmers & Kubeck, we see the demands of this industry and offer solutions that your operation can rely on for a steady flow of energy at your hydro power plant. 

Hydro Power Field Services

We offer large-scale services like reassembly and unit refurbishment. We offer our reassembly services for Kaplan three- to five-blade units, Francis, S-Turbine, Bulb turbine, and Pelton. Our refurbishment capabilities extend to complete units as well as various components.

Hydro power field repair services include:

  • Cavitation repair
  • Bore buildup
  • Rocker arm skim cutting
  • Blade buildup, trimming, and stem machining
  • Shaft buildup and machining
  • Bearing repair/rebabbiting
  • Discharge ring repair
  • Full Kaplan and Francis rehabilitation

If you’re looking for more support with engineering designs, we can reverse-engineer components to update existing prints and create new ones. We also offer technical direction, project management, and craft labor support for a range of projects. Plus, you can turn to our team for inspection services to confirm the integrity of your systems over time.

Our team is qualified to perform the following inspections:

  • Non-Rotating Components
  • Rotating Components
  • Bearing Housings
  • Kaplan Runner Internals
  • NDE/NDT 

Services to Make Your Hydro Systems Last

The C&K Hydro Division understands the complexities of your power generation and offers trusted solutions and maintenance services for keeping your systems efficient and functional. With our state-of-the-art, three-acre facility and ISO 9001:2015 certification, we can deliver a wide range of services with complete quality assurance. Our services include:

  • Static balancing
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Blast/painting
  • Oil pressure testing
  • Runout testing
  • Line boring
  • Nationwide Crew Mobilization
  • Disassembly, Reassembly & Inspection 

Sourcing Parts You Can Count On

Finding the right parts is key to hydro power generation, but it can be challenging among your many other responsibilities. This is where C&K comes in. We’re experts in sourcing the parts you need, the moment you need them. Our trained technicians in the Hydro Division understand what makes a reliable part, and we only work with the most trusted suppliers in the region.

Our sourcing services allow us to deliver the best possible components for your application. We can source a wide variety of parts, including:

  • Bushings — trunnion, link pin, and composite
  • Blade seals
  • O-rings
  • Retaining rings
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Shaft sleeves

Whatever parts you need, Chalmers & Kubeck can help source them for you!

C&K Hydro Statement of Qualification

Our Past Projects

The C&K Hydro Division continues to develop its skillset with a range of demanding projects around the country. Get a closer look at some of the work our team has completed or is in-process.

Lay Dam U6 — Machining

The Hydro Division handled machining services on a U6 Inner Headcover and Operating Ring for a unit in Clanton, AL. This machining included cavitation repair, line boring, and cleanup. Our Packing Box refurbishment included spray welding and machining for worn surfaces.

Idaho Falls — Kaplan Overhaul

An operation in Idaho Falls contracted our team to complete a full inspection and overhaul of an 8.3 MW Horizontal Voest Alpine four-blade Kaplan. Our team overhauled all internal components, including new bushings, seal design, piston rings, and machining of the servo cylinder.

Broadwater — Generator Rehab

In Totson, MT, an operation turned to our team for a full inspection of their Broadwater facility. This inspection led to a coordinated removal and rehabilitation of the unit Stator, Rotor, and Bearings. Our team electrically tested, cleaned, baked, and painted the Stator and Rotor. 

Snowden U5 — Rotating Parts

In Bedford, VA, our team completed a full inspection and overhaul of a 2.5 MW four-blade Horizontal Kaplan Runner. The rehabilitation involved bushing, pin, and link replacements. The rocker arms and blade stems received minimal machining cleanup. We also performed static balancing on the unit and completed full realignment during reinstallation. 

Rancho-Francis Installation

At a facility in San Diego, CA, our team completed preliminary powerhouse site work and an installation of a new Horizontal Francis Turbine, Generator, and two new Valves. Additionally, the Hydro Division provided project and site management. 

C&K — Your Partner in Hydro Power Generation

C&K is a leader in industrial maintenance because we meet and exceed the expectations of the operations we serve. With the many services and components we house in our facilities, we’re able to meet multiple requirements for your organization without the need for outsourcing. Your equipment is critical for keeping your business afloat, and C&K is your partner in function and efficiency. 

Our Hydro Division team consists of over seven decades of combined experience in the industry with a wide range of projects that support each professional’s expertise. The team has led projects around the United States, from California to Pennsylvania. We’ve handled machining projects, installations, unit overhauls, rehabilitation, and more. We work on a two-shift schedule to answer your call at any time of the day. At C&K, we’re always willing to go the extra mile.

Choose C&K for Hydro Parts and Services

We’re eager to partner with your operation for hydro power repair and component sourcing. With 12 locations in the eastern United States, you can find a facility near you. Contact us today to get started.