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Chalmers & Kubeck utilizes ValvKeep® as the exclusive data management tool in our Green Tag® Service Centers. It is the best online valve asset management system when it comes to compliance and details that can be customized on a per client basis to help them take advantage of this powerful tool and all that it has to offer. This is a service C&K offers to all of it's customers at no additional charge. It is, quite simply, "The way we do business".

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Referencing Code of Federal Regulations (OSHA) CFR29, 1910.119:

Para. (j) Mechanical Integrity –

(4) Inspection and Testing

(ii) Inspection and testing procedures shall follow recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices.

(iii) … shall be consistent with applicable manufacturers’ recommendations and good engineering practices, and more frequently if determined to be necessary by prior operating experience.

(iv)  The employer shall document each inspection and test that has been performed on process equipment.  The documentation shall identify the date of the inspection or test, the name of the person who performed the inspection or test, the serial number or other identifier of the equipment on which the inspection or test was performed, a description of the inspection or test performed and the results of the inspection or test.

Key Customer Benefits:

  •  Simplifies the requirement to have detailed inspection and test documentation since C&K uses a centralized database to store these records
  • Immediate, 24/7 access to all critical valve data via a secure Internet portal
  • Ability to identify trends in valve operation and maintenance that may allow lengthening of repair/test intervals based on “prior operating experience” (reference (iii) above)
  • Problem valves are easily identified by trend analysis to insure their frequency of repair/testing is appropriate.
  • Assists in troubleshooting problem valves by highlighting specific valve repair history
  • Automates equipment reports; harmonizes reporting formats.
  • Provides complete visibility into the repair process, from start to finish.
  • Helps to manage parts and spare valve inventories
  • Provides a very effective planning tool for maintenance planning and scheduling
  • The data provided by ValvKeep® is exportable and ready to use in other software applications

No other valve maintenance and management software understands YOUR needs and DOES as much as ValvKeep®.