Greene Tweed Sealing Solutions 

Greene Tweed Sealing Solutions 

Fluid leaks can occur at any time, even in the highest-quality systems. Fluid leaks waste time and money — and in some cases, they can create serious safety hazards for workers. At Chalmers & Kubeck we serve manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical industries with a variety of Greene Tweed sealing solutions. These durable seals are built to withstand the toughest environments while helping you stay in compliance with industry standards.

If you need a sealing solution that can operate under extreme temperatures, we have a product that will meet your demands. C&K is a regional distributor for several Greene Tweed elastomer product families and seal types.

Seal Types

Different chemical and petrochemical applications call for unique sealing products. If you’re looking for a cryogenic seal or RDG-resistant seal, you can find a durable solution at C&K. We have Greene Tweed seal solutions for almost every application — even those that require FDA compliance. The seal types we offer include:

  • O-Rings: Greene Tweed O-rings designed with elastomeric material are ideal for mechanical sealing applications.
  • T-Seals: G-T® Rings, also known as T-seals, are versatile bi-directional seals with the strength and stability you need to secure your operations.
  • Metal Spring Energized Seals: Metal Spring Energized (MSE) seals support sealing applications with their corrosion-resistant design and ability to endure colder temperatures.
  • Seal Stacks: The Greene Tweed seal stack is a customized seal design with a variety of wear resistance benefits in one solution.
  • Capped Seals: Reinforced with a thermoplastic cap, the Greene Tweed capped seal provides superior wear resistance and low friction. Types of capped seals include the Advancap™, the Capped G-T® Ring, and the Ener-Cap®.
  • Labyrinth Seals: Thermoplastic Greene Tweed labyrinth seals offer superior efficiency thanks to their improved stability and flow patterns.

Elastomer Families

If you’re looking for a Greene Tweed seal design, C&K offers options from a variety of product families. Our Greene Tweed elastomer families include:

  • Chemraz® (FFKM): Chemraz® is the gold standard of sealing solutions thanks to its high chemical resistance and temperature tolerance of up to 324 degrees Celsius.
  • Xyfluor®: Thanks to its durable fluorinated design, a Xyfluor® product offers flexibility even in some of the most frigid temperatures.
  • Fluoraz® (FEPM): The Fluoraz® elastomer family offers resistance against a variety of acids and chemicals, from ammonia to hydrochloric acid.
  • Fusion™(FKM): Businesses that work with chemicals like benzene, hydrocarbons, and inorganic solvents can benefit from Greene Tweed Fusion™ products.

Thermoplastic Families

We carry sealing solutions from the thermoplastic product families, including:

  • Avalon® (PTFE): For low-friction applications, Avalon® offers wear and chemical durability.
  • Arlon® (PEEK): Arlon® products are designed to hold up in high-pressure applications, even at extreme temperatures.

Benefits of Our Greene Tweed Seals

When you operate in an industrial work environment, complying with safety standards is a major priority. Preventing fluid leaks protects the environment and worker health. Without the proper fluid sealing solutions, your business could be subject to fines and other legal issues.

Greene Tweed elastomer and thermoplastic seals are designed to keep fluid materials from escaping through leaks. This can help improve efficiency, safety, and even energy savings. Because these seals are durable enough to resist the elements and endure harsh conditions, you can depend on them for long-lasting performance.

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C&K serves chemical and power industries with high-quality sealing solutions for fluid leaks. If you’re looking for Greene Tweed sealing solutions, we have many cost-effective options to choose from. For more information, contact us today.