ZAM Plus Monitor – Rupture Disk Burst Sensor

Burst Sensor/Indicators, ZOOK

ZAM Plus Monitor – Rupture Disk Burst Sensor

The ZAM Plus Rupture Disk (bursting disc) Alarm Monitor is a surface mounted monitor designed to remotely detect the condition of a rupture disk (bursting disc) in service. Used in conjunction with the ZOOK ZENSOR®, BA, RDI, BI or similar devices, it will immediately warn the operator of a ruptured disk.

Features And Benefits

    • Intrinsically safe output for Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G hazardous locations
    • Utilizes FM approved, PED and CSA compliant I.S. barrier

Enclosure: NEMA Type 12, constructed of 14 gauge steel with continuously welded seams and oil resistant seals

  • Provides an audio/visual signal and an output relay for each channel. Channel will automatically reset once the burst indicating device is replaced or reset

Common Applications