Velan Forged Steel Gate, Globe, and Check Valves

Forged Steel Gage, Globe, and Check Valves
Velan Power Generation

Velan Forged Steel Gate, Globe, and Check Valves

Forged steel valves from Velan lead the market in tight shutoff and low-emission performance for various applications in the power and process industries. Velan’s forged steel gate, globe, and check valves feature superior engineering and the latest manufacturing technology to meet or exceed industry standards. Velan designs and manufactures each valve to prioritize safety, low emissions, zero leakage, low maintenance, and a long life span.

Velan has been designing and manufacturing forged steel valves since 1950, providing end users with top-performing and reliable solutions. In partnership with Velan, Chalmers & Kubeck offers clients an extensive range of valve products to meet their needs. C&K delivers superior customer service and support for the Velan products we furnish throughout their entire service life.

Features And Benefits

Several examples of the exclusive design features found in Velan forged steel valves include:

  • Leakproof Body Bonnet Joint: This feature eliminates spiral metal unwinding while improving compression control.
  • Strong Bolting: Velan’s bolted joints can withstand the maximum gasket stress essential to a leakproof design.
  • Body Bonnet Welds: Valves with threaded-in bonnet welds offer increased safety against fugitive emissions.
  • Safer and Tighter Stem Seals: Full-length corrosion-resistant bolts with hardened and ground stems provide high-packing stress for the tightest seals.
  • Two-Piece Stem Drives: This exclusive feature enables inline replacement of the stem nut while delivering optimal lubrication.
  • Body-Guided Discs: The top and bottom guided discs ensure perfect seat alignment despite the side thrust caused by high-velocity flow, preventing the stem from galling or scoring.

Common Applications

Types of Velan Forged Steel Valves We Supply

C&K offers and extensive range of forged steel valves from Velan, including:

  • Gate Valves: Velan forged steel gate valves come with threaded, socket weld, and flanged connections, including nominal pipe sizes (NPS) of ¼ to 2 inches and 8 to 50 millimeters nominal diameter (DN).
  • Extended Body Gate Valves: Velan offers these valves with conventional port, threaded, or female socket weld connections. Sizes come in ½ to 2 inches NPS and 15 to 50 millimeters DN while achieving multiple American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) class pressure ratings.
  • Globe Valves: These valves offer conventional port, threaded, or socket weld connections and come in sizes ranging from ¼ to 2 inches NPS and 8 to 50 millimeters DN while complying with ASME B16.34 and American Petroleum Institute (API) 602 standards.
  • Y-Pattern Globe Valves: This valve line features designs with bonnetless, threaded, port opening, socket weld, or butt weld connections. Sizes range from ½ to 4 inches NPS and 15 to 100 millimeters DN while meeting various class pressure ratings.
  • 45-Degree Incline Globe Valves: These valves feature port opening, threaded, socket weld, or butt weld connections and range in size from ½ to 2 inches NPS and 15 to 50 millimeters DN.
  • Check Valves: Velan forged steel check valves are available in sizes from ¼ to 2 inches NPS and 8 to 50 millimeters DN with conventional port opening, piston, ball, or swing joints.
  • Inclined Piston Check Valves: These valves come in sizes from ¼ to 4 inches NPS and 8 to 100 millimeters DN and are suited for horizontal or vertical line applications.

Find Velan Forged Steel Valves at C&K

C&K is committed to providing excellent customer service and the highest-quality solutions to all our clients in the industrial maintenance sector. Forged steel valves from Velan are just one example of our many superior products and services. To request pricing or obtain additional technical information, contact us online today.