Variable Resistance Trim (VRT*) Solution

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Variable Resistance Trim (VRT*) Solution

The Masoneilan Variable Resistance Trim (VRT) anti-cavitation solution features a brazed stack of drilled plates that channels flow through multiple turns to control cavitation. It offers a balance between cavitation protection and valve capacity in high-pressure, liquid letdown applications. It is a well-suited option for applications with custom flow characteristics and custom capacity requirements combined with severe cavitating conditions caused by high-pressure drops. The VRT solution is available within the Masoneilan 79000 Series and 41005 Series globe and angle valve platforms.

Features And Benefits

  • Innovative stacked plate geometry in the Variable Resistance Trim (VRT) for smooth throttling control
  • Unlike other stacked plate designs, the segmented plates in the VRT trim offer seamless continuity in flow control and avoidance of potential “dead regions”
  • Increasing flow area supports high capacity while maintaining precise control when operating near the seated position

Common Applications

The Masoneilan VRT solution is suited for high-pressure, high capacity applications that require customized cavitation control and capacity. The VRT is also a good solution that balances dynamic valve stability with actuator stiffness for an integrated turnkey solution.