Type 87/88 Pneumatic Multi-Spring Actuators

Control Valves, Masoneilan, Pnuematic Actuators

Type 87/88 Pneumatic Multi-Spring Actuators

The Masoneilan 87/88 is a compact pneumatic actuator design for use with globe-style control valves. The multi-spring diaphragm construction provides a flexible solution, providing reliable low friction dynamic performance and ease of operation and maintenance.

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Features And Benefits

  • Multi-spring construction results in a compact design with a small, light assembly for ease of handling, installation, and replacement
  • The compact assembly also provides customers with flexibility and efficiency in plant equipment layout and ease of access
  • Modular construction using common parts to create different configurations, helps to reduce overall inventory and increase customer flexibility
  • Field reversibility provides customers with additional flexibility to reconfigure the actuators in the field to meet fluctuating plant requirements

Common Applications

The Masoneilan Type 87/88 actuator is designed for use in a wide range of globe control valve applications. It provides excellent throttling control performance with low dynamic friction, and meets various fail-safe and linear thrust requirements using multiple springs.
Linear or reciprocating motion control valves
Pneumatically operated control systems
Low to high pressure drop applications
Mechanical spring fail-safe operation
Manual override to mechanically position valve
Mounts directly on control valve bonnet
Actuator stem connected directly to valve stem