SVI* II ESD Emergency Shutdown Device

Masoneilan, Smart Technology

SVI* II ESD Emergency Shutdown Device

The SVI II ESD can capture shutdown events, allow continuous HART communications during a trip, and facilitate local panel annunciation using the built-in discrete outputs. The SVI II ESD automatically captures the partial stroke test (PST) in its non-volatile memory and stores the analysis. Two signatures can be stored, allowing the ValVue* ESD Lookout stand-alone or integrated software to automatically and regularly synchronize its database with field data.

Features And Benefits

  • Emergency Shutdown function independent of partial stroke tests offers versatility in implementing partial stroke tests
  • User friendly setup and operations helps improve testing and valve maintenance efficiency and helps reduce installation costs
  • Universal design helps improve asset utilization
  • Testing methods facilitate safety regulation compliance and extends duration between full proof tests without disturbing process
  • Execution of ESD valve PST from any logic solver SIL3 while at 4mA offers efficient operation and ease of use
  • Captures shutdown events and confirms ESD operations for superior safety integrity level (SIL) of emergency isolation valve applications

Common Applications

The Masoneilan SVI II ESD can operate with a 4-20mA signal, 0-24Vdc, or a combination of both. The preferred solution is the single 4-20mA because it is SIL3 capable while at 4mA, allowing the device to execute the safety function while active.