Pneumatic Piston Actuators

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Pneumatic Piston Actuators

GE Oil & Gas offers a range of pneumatic piston-type actuators for use with globe and linear stem motion control valves. Piston actuators typically provide longer strokes and higher thrusts compared to spring-diaphragm designs, including. Masoneilan Model 67/68, Model 84/85/86, and Model 51.

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Features And Benefits

  • Small size and weight with high thrust capabilities and enhanced control valve responsiveness to handle higher pressure drop and tighter seat leakage applications
  • Smaller air volumes allows for faster response and increased actuator dynamic stiffness, providing quick opening/closing speeds and more stable performance in high pressure drop conditions
  • Flexible design and construction of the stroke length, fail-safe mechanism, and manual override system provide customers with an optimized actuation solution to meet a variety of control valve applications

Common Applications

Piston Actuators meet requirements that exceed the typical capabilities of pneumatic spring diaphragm actuators. Typical application conditions include higher pressure drops, tighter valve seat leakage or shutoff requirements, faster response speeds, and potentially dynamic unstable flow conditions within the valve.
Linear or reciprocating motion control valves
Pneumatically operated control systems
Larger valve sizes and other applications requiring longer strokes or travel
High pressure drop and tight shutoff applications
Faster opening and closing speed applications such as turbine bypass and compressor recycle
Effectively handles inherently unstable flow conditions due to dynamic forces acting on the valve plug