Model 12800 Pneumatic Liquid Level Controller

Instrumentation, Masoneilan

Model 12800 Pneumatic Liquid Level Controller

The Masoneilan 12800 Series instrument is a pneumatic level transmitter or controller that operates according to the fully proven buoyancy and torque tube principles. The device includes a displacer connected to a torque tube assembly for a simple and accurate method of transferring motion from the displacer to a pneumatic transmitter and/or controller mechanism.

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Features And Benefits

  • Flexibility offers excellent operating performance over a wide range of applications: low or high process temperatures, high pressure, NACE service
  • Common platform helps minimize inventory and overall maintenance costs
  • Varying displacer area and length results in level ranges from a few inches (mm) up to several feet (m)

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 12800 Series is an excellent choice for liquid interface applications and severe operating environments including:
Liquid level measurement and control
Liquid-liquid interface measurement and control
High temperature
High pressure
NACE service