Limitorque V Bevel Gearbox


Limitorque V Bevel Gearbox

Limitorque V series bevel gearboxes are used to actuate multi-turn valves and slide gates. Optional spur gear attachments reduce input torque requirements. Handwheels and wrench nuts are available for manual operation. When driven by electric actuators, a wide range of ouput speeds and output torques is available to meet virtually any operating requirements in a variety of environments. The Limitorque V series is also available with a high load thrust base utilizing components rated for extremely high thrust and torque requirements. The V series is constructed with a ductile iron housing and roller bearing-supported shafts and drive sleeve to provide high mechanical advantage, long life and trouble-free performance. Excellent sealing of mating surfaces provides reliable environmental protection in weatherproof or temporary submersion applications. With 16 product sizes covering torques to 38 350 ft-lb (52 000 Nm) and thrusts to 1.7 million lb (7650 kN), the V series is suited to virtually any operational requirement.

Features And Benefits

  • Ductile iron gear housing
  • Ductile iron or bronze worm gears
  • Designed for weatherproof or temporary submersion service
  • High-strength bevel pinion and ring gear
  • Roller bearing-supported shafts
  • -40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 194°F) continuous ambient temperature range

Common Applications

Sewage Collection and Treatment, Boiler Circulation, Tank Farm Transfer, Water Supply and Distribution (water), Desalination, Petroleum Production and Refining, Filtration, Gas Production, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Nuclear Service, Molten Salt Transfer, Decoking