High Performance Butterfly Control Valves

High Performance Butterfly Control Valves
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High Performance Butterfly Control Valves

The high performance butterfly valve delivers heavy-duty, automatic throttling control flow for applications involving large flow rates and moderate pressure drops. It incorporates the two basic features of the high performance butterfly valve types: a PTFE, RTFE, or metal seal ring instead of a liner and double offset (eccentric operation) to reduce seal friction and operating torque and provide superior performance compared to conventional butterfly valves.

Features And Benefits

  • Low torque, double offset disc improves control performance and reduces seal wear for longer operating cycles and reduced maintenance
  • Rugged guiding supports long-term shut-off and throttling accuracy
  • The flangeless (wafer), or single flanged (lugged) construction option greatly reduces the size and weight, simplifying installation and piping requirements
  • High Cv ratings support high capacity capability at low pressure differentials

Common Applications

The Masoneilan High Performance Butterfly valve offers accurate control of high capacity, moderate pressure drop service.