FVP Fieldbus Valve Positioner

FVP Fieldbus Valve Positioner
Masoneilan, Smart Technology

FVP Fieldbus Valve Positioner

GE’s Masoneilan FVP* positioner, certified and approved by Fieldbus Foundation, is a digital valve positioner and PID process controller that can be used in conjunction with certified Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Host systems. Within the FF host system, certified device descriptors (DD) promote seamless integration and interoperability. The Masoneilan FVP positioner has superior “on-board” data gathering capabilities, alarms, and diagnostics as well as standard positioner functionality. It offers advanced diagnostics integration and automated valve data analysis available with robust asset management software.

Features And Benefits

  • Positioner and control valve diagnostics measure valve health and performance without process disturbance
  • On-board valve signature and diagnostic storage for easy retrieval of diagnostic information and factory birth certificate
  • Delivers high signal resolution (0.05% typical) to help increase tightness of control loops regardless of valve size
  • Foundation Fieldbus warnings from the field device help avoid startup issues
  • Low power usage frees up available power on the segment to add future devices
  • Mounts on any rotary or linear valve
  • Manual pneumatic override switch bypasses electronics for easy valve installation, commissioning and diagnosing

Common Applications