FSV-Inverted Graphite Rupture Disk

Zook’s FSV-Inverted Graphite Rupture Disk
Graphite Disk, ZOOK

FSV-Inverted Graphite Rupture Disk

ZOOK’s Fluoropolymer Sintered Graphite Rupture Disk (bursting disc) offers enhanced features when compared to resin impregnated graphite disks. The Fluoropolymer coating is sintered at a high temperature onto a graphite blank. The durable coating seals the graphite material enhancing the corrosive capability and allows the disk to operate at sub-zero to elevated temperatures with minimal effect on the burst performance of the rupture disk (bursting disc).


  • ASME UD, PED/CE and TUV markings available

Features And Benefits

  • Suitable for vacuum service
  • Resists product build-up – only the coated flat surface of the disk is exposed to the process medium
  • Durable coating offers exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Extended temperature range: –290°F to +500°F (–179°C to +260°C)

Common Applications