FDZ-V Series Rupture Disk

FDZ-V Series Rupture Disk
Forward Acting Disk, ZOOK

FDZ-V Series Rupture Disk

The FD rupture disks (bursting discs) are composite design with state-of-the-art laser slotted metal top section. Designed to be used in the UHZ Holder

Sizes 1/2″ – 24″. Burst Ratings from 3 to 1,400 psig.


  • Vacuum supports are required on vacuum service
  • Protective Rings are recommended with the FD Series Disks

Features And Benefits

  • Forward-action, tension-loaded design
  • Operating ratios up to 85% of the minimum tolerance
  • Metal or TFE Seal
  • Fragment resistant design
  • Designed to be used in the UHZ Holder

Common Applications