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Eye Hye

Where’s your water? For over 53 years, Eye-Hye® Indicators have provided remote indication of boiler water level, trusted by operators of thousands of boilers worldwide.

The all new Eye-Hye® SmartLevel™ Boiler Indication System adds patented technology to intelligently monitor the condition of its probes which sense water level in the boiler’s steam drum. When the probes require cleaning to remove residue and mineral build-up to maintain their accuracy, the system’s smart technology unambiguously notifies the control room or other remote locations that a probe column blowdown (cleaning) is necessary. If the blue light on the indicator is illuminated, a blowdown is needed.

Features And Benefits

  • At-a-Glance Normal Water Level Reference
  • System Status Indicator
  • Blowdown Indicator Light
  • 4-Wire Indicator Circuit Between Control Unit and Indicator
  • Fail Safe Communication
  • Indicator Mode for Colorblind Operators

Common Applications