Extrusion Burst Plugs

Extrusion Burst Plugs
ZOOK, ZOOK Extrusion Burst Plugs

Extrusion Burst Plugs

Extrusion Burst Plugs (bursting discs) are pressure relief devices designed for over-pressure protection of plastic extrusion processes.


  • Standard disk material is Inconel. Other materials are available
  • Various OEM Custom Welded Assemblies are available. Please contact ZOOK for more information
  • Burst ratings 1,000 psig to 15,000 psig (for higher pressures contact ZOOK)
  • Burst tolerance ± 10% with typical standard deviation of ± 1%
  • Private labeling, custom packaging and other options available
  • Burst indication available upon request

Features And Benefits

  • All ZOOK Extrusion Burst Plugs utilize a welding procedure replacing outdated soldering methods
  • Comprehensive material traceability and origin
  • Burst test documentation as a standard
  • 100% Leak Tested
  • Electronic thread verification, statistically controlled
  • Each EBP is Ultra-sonic cleaned

Common Applications