84000 Series SteamForm Steam Conditioning Valve

84000 Series SteamForm Steam Conditioning Valve
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84000 Series SteamForm Steam Conditioning Valve

The Masoneilan line of steam conditioning valves offers a wide range of features, including low noise trim and a patented water injection system, for applications that require both pressure and temperature reduction in an integrated package. The SteamForm* product line combines more than 125 years of pressure control expertise with the latest in desuperheating technology to offer a highly efficient steam conditioning solution.

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Features And Benefits

  • ASME B16.34 based design with expanded outlet size to control steam velocity
  • Multi-stage pressure reduction trim controls steam pressure while reducing noise and vibration
  • Field serviceable trim design with compensation for thermal excursions in combined cycle applications
  • Class V shut-off performance reduces energy loss to downstream piping
  • High efficiency desuperheating via patented Flow Profiler to reduce downstream piping concerns
  • High performance spring loaded nozzles for fine atomization of injected spray water
  • Customizable design to match plant piping

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 84000 SteamForm valve is a superior choice for steam conditioning applications requiring integrated pressure and temperature reduction such as:
Turbine bypass systems
Process steam conditioning
Boiler extraction to process