78400/18400 Series LincolnLog Valve

Masoneilan 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog Valve
Control Valves, Masoneilan, Severe Service

78400/18400 Series LincolnLog Valve

The Masoneilan LincolnLog* valve features an axial flow design that uses a tortuous path to distribute pressure drop along the axis of the plug to reduce cavitation.
It offers multi-stage pressure letdown control with excellent trash tolerance for a long-term solution in critical service applications. The LincolnLog is well suited for high-pressure liquid letdown applications where cavitation and dirty fluids are major concerns.

Features And Benefits

  • Axial stages throttle in unison as the plug strokes maintaining staging ratios at all lift points to control velocity and pressure drop resulting in reduced cavitation trim damage
  • Large flow passages enables entrained solids in severe and dirty service fluids to pass through without damage
  • Rugged construction for long-term operation in harsh conditions and improved process uptime
  • Heavy continuous trim guiding offers smooth operation at all travels
  • Single-piece plug and liner components for added reliability and easy field service
  • Low part count for efficient operation and reduced inventory and maintenance costs

Common Applications

The Masoneilan LincolnLog severe service valve is configured for high-pressure liquid letdown applications with pressure drops up to 450 bar (6500 psi) where cavitation and dirty fluids are major concerns including:
Pump recirculation
Feedpump start
Spray water control
Water reinjection
Separator letdown
Boiler feedwater