77000 Series Multi-Stage High Pressure Valve

Masoneilan 77000 Series Multi-Stage High Pressure Valve
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77000 Series Multi-Stage High Pressure Valve

The Masoneilan 77000 Series is a multi-stage, expanding area control valve that effectively reduces erosion, vibration, de-gassing, and high noise levels for extremely high-pressure compressible fluid or two-phase flow applications. The trim design directs the flow through a series of expanding stages for safe pressure reduction of dirty gases and flashing/multi-phase liquids. It is a good solution for applications requiring multiple pressure letdown stages and expanding downstream area in the trim to accommodate compressible flow expansion.

Features And Benefits

  • Axial flow trim with expanding downstream stages to accommodate compressible gases and out-gassing of two-phase fluids
  • Hybrid balanced trim design is extremely stable through the entire travel range for excellent process control, improved operational efficiency and higher process yields
  • Short stroke, heavy guiding and rugged construction materials offer long service life even under severe operating conditions
  • Simple construction for easy and cost-effective field maintenance

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 77000 Series valve is accepted for use in high temperature, high-pressure separator letdown applications on hydrocracking and hydrotreating units. It is a good choice for a range of applications including:
Hot high-pressure separator control in hydroprocessing applications
Gas well-head control in off-shore choke valve
High-pressure letdown with entrained debris
High-pressure, high temperature, flashing hydrocarbon liquid services