73000 Series Sweep Angle Valve

Masoneilan 73000 Series Sweep Angle Valve
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73000 Series Sweep Angle Valve

The Masoneilan 73000 Series features a sweep angle configuration for throttling in the erosive applications commonly found in gasification processes. Basic construction includes a contoured body and specialty trim materials, making it well-suited for black water handling systems used in the gasification of coal, petroleum coke, oil or other feed-stocks. The sweep angle body of the 73000 Series offers a high level of resistance to potentially damaging erosion effects in these types of severe applications.

Features And Benefits

  • Extremely high level of resistance in erosive-type applications for maintaining process uptime under these severe conditions
  • Heavy guiding and contoured plug design offer accurate and efficient process control for slurry services and two-phase flow applications
  • Special seat designs support direct mounting to different vessel configurations

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 73000 Series valve offers erosion resistance for black water handling systems and applications such as:
Coal slurry
Ash handling
Hydrocarbon bottoms
Petroleum coke
Other feed stocks