71000 Series Erosive Service Valve

71000 Series Erosive Service Valve
Control Valves, Masoneilan, Severe Service

71000 Series Erosive Service Valve

The 71000 Series is a modified sweep angle valve specifically used for severe service applications with highly erosive process fluids. The contoured body shape combined with hardened trim materials offers a solution for single or multi- phase flows with entrained solids. The 71000 Series includes a rugged top-guiding design to resist vibration associated with high-pressure letdown or multi-phase service.

Features And Benefits

  • Sweep angle design reduces fluid impingement through the body to offer high resistance to erosion damage
  • The streamlined angle body offers high resistance to this type of erosion damage.
  • Heavy guiding withstands harsh operation
  • Large streamlined flow paths allow the safe passage of entrained particles through the control valve for improved process uptime
  • Anti-erosive valve geometry combined with durable materials reduces operating and maintenance costs related to inventory requirements and trim or valve replacements

Common Applications

The 71000 Series is for severely erosive applications such as:
Hot hydrocarbon fluid
Coking applications