500 Series High Capacity Regulators

Masoneilan 500 Series High Capacity Regulators
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500 Series High Capacity Regulators

The Masoneilan 500 Series regulator can be used for pressure reduction, back-pressure control, and differential pressure applications for a wide range of process fluids. The 500 Series is available in several different configurations to meet various capacity, pressure, temperature, and seat leakage requirements. Based on standard Masoneilan globe valve platforms and packaged together with the 10900 Series actuators, the Masoneilan 500 Series regulators offer precise regulation and control.

Features And Benefits

  • Common parts with the standard Masoneilan 10000 and 21000 Series helps to reduce inventory requirements and simplify training
  • Large flow paths offer excellent dirty service capabilities and high capacity performance
  • Heavy guiding supports dynamic stability for smooth operation and improved process yield
  • Top and bottom entry access to the valve internal components permits efficient inline maintenance and repair
  • Rugged design offers durability for demanding applications and field conditions

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 500 Series regulators offer a high capacity solution for pressure reduction, back-pressure, and differential pressure applications in steam, gas, and liquid applications, including:
Clean and dirty process fluids
Moderate to high pressure drops
Large flow capacities and operating range
Resistant to process system vibration
Low emissions