496 Series Electric Rotary Switches

Masoneilan 496 Series Electric Rotary Switches
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496 Series Electric Rotary Switches

The Masoneilan 496 Series switches and position transmitters:

  • Are configurable as electro-mechanical switches, proximity switches, or opto-electronic position transmitters.
  • Indicate predetermined stroke positions for control valves.
  • Offer high resistance to vibration and electrical interference for excellent valve-mounted performance.
  • Tolerant to harsh environments
  • Approved for use with various hazardous area ratings including ATEX, FM and CSA.

Features And Benefits

  • Flexibility for monitoring control valve stroke position
  • Lower inventory and reduce the training required to operate and maintain these devices
  • Weather-proofing and dust resistance offer long-term performance in harsh operating environments
  • Greatly reduced sensitivity to vibrations and electrical interference.
  • Low operation friction which extends product life

Common Applications