35002 Series Camflex* Rotary Control Valve

35002 Series Camflex Rotary Control Valve
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35002 Series Camflex* Rotary Control Valve

One of the first “universal” control valves, the 35002 Series Camflex valve features a low-friction eccentric plug design. It offers precise throttling control within an extremely compact assembly. Its standard design includes an integral bonnet, a direct-mounted actuator and fully enclosed positioner linkage. It is the original rotary globe valve and is a superior choice when tight shut-off and product flexibility is required.

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Features And Benefits

  • Robust construction and hardened trim offers long-term, improved process control and uptime, and higher process yields
  • Eccentric plug’s reduced torque requirement facilitates smaller, more responsive actuator sizes to help reduce process variability
  • Eccentric plug design with a high 100:1 turndown ratio offers throttling control over a wide range of process conditions
  • Standard EF Seal (low emissions packing system) reduces emissions from the system
  • Heavy triple guiding out of the flow stream supports accurate trim alignment throughout the entire operating range
  • Optional constructions for abrasive slurry applications such as stellite, or ceramic trim, help reduce maintenance costs in harsh applications

Common Applications

Hydro-carbon fluids
General service applications