31000 Series Rotary Control Valve

31000 Series Rotary Control Valve
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31000 Series Rotary Control Valve

The 31000 Series valve features a PFA-lined assembly offering corrosion resistance for corrosive fluid applications at a lower cost compared to high alloy options. It also includes an eccentric rotary plug design that offers tight shut-off at a high 100:1 turndown ratio and low dynamic forces for excellent throttling control.

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Features And Benefits

  • Complete PFA or solid PTFE encapsulation of all metal components shields against chemical corrosion for long service life in harsh chemical environments
  • Eccentric plug design drastically reduces seal friction, reducing actuator sizes for extended seat life, fewer maintenance requirements and increased process yields
  • Eccentric plug action offers accurate control and tight class VI shut-off
  • Standard low-emission packing system offers compliance with environmental and safety requirements

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 31000 Series valve’s corrosion-resistant construction make it an excellent solution for many challenging applications including:
Chlorine Dioxide
Waste water treatment