21000 Series Top-Guided Globe Control Valve

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21000 Series Top-Guided Globe Control Valve

The Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided globe valve is a highly versatile, unbalanced trim design well-suited for a wide variety of process control applications including high pressure and dirty fluid applications. The unbalanced design provides reliable performance and flexibility to meet a wide range of operating requirements. There are standard options available to handle noise, cavitation, and reduced emissions.

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Features And Benefits

  • Robust construction supports long-term smooth operation helping to enhance process uptime
  • Versatility of options reduces inventory and training and meets a wide range of application requirements in a variety of industries
  • Heavy top-guiding offers excellent support resulting in improved process control and higher process yields throughout the entire operating range
  • Low part count and simple construction provide ease of operation and maintenance
  • Reliable performance with standard solutions to control noise, cavitation, and valve leakage improving plant operating efficiency

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 21000 Series control valve is designed to handle a wide range of applications across various industries. It is well-suited for control loops with typical service conditions and operating requirements as follows:
Clean and dirty process fluids
Moderate to high pressure drops
Tight shutoff seat leakage
High noise gas applications
Cavitating & flashing liquid applications
Low emissions and zero leakage options
Low temperature and cryogenic applications