1900 Safety Relief Valve

1900 Safety Relief Valve

1900 Safety Relief Valve

The first valve of its size capable of handling liquid and gas interchangeably without adjustments while remaining stable, the Type 1900 safety relief valve offers an innovative solution for multi-phase process applications. It is configured for performance and smooth operation while offering the economical flexibility of one valve for both liquid and vapor. It reduces inventory requirements, offers simplicity of application and a low adjustable blowdown rate.

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Features And Benefits

  • Adjustable blowdown rate can exceed the rates of Comparable valves by as much as 200 percent
  • Configured for reduced noise levels even handling gas.
  • One valve to handle both liquid and gas media interchangeably offer economic benefits
  • Trim variations reduced for configurability.
  • Equipped with corrosion-resistant trims as well as a carbon steel body, bonnet and cap.
  • Full nozzle design for corrosion-resistant flow path and seating surface.
  • Available with Cryodisc technology

Common Applications