174 Series Pressure Regulator

Masoneilan 174 Series Pressure Regulator
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174 Series Pressure Regulator

The Masoneilan 174 Series is a pressure regulator designed specifically for accurate low-pressure regulation of air or gas services. Soft-seat construction and a lever actuator help ensure consistent tight shut-off. Additionally, a large diaphragm area provides highly sensitive modulation at low-pressure settings.

Features And Benefits

  • Large diaphragm area and lever system offer high sensitivity and accurate control for low pressure air or gas applications
  • Lever system enables field conversion between pressure reducing and relief operation
  • Flexible design allows the actuator to be repositioned in the field in 90 degree increments to suit piping requirements and helps reduce both inventory and installation costs
  • Bolted body-to-actuator design enables in-line maintenance and repair, helping to reduce downtime and improve process efficiency

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 174 Series regulator is for precise control in industrial, low-pressure air and gas applications.