171-172 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators

171-172 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators
Masoneilan, Regulators

171-172 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators

The 171-172 Series regulators are a line of heavy duty self-contained pressure reducing regulators with the flexibility to handle demanding applications including high temperature and pressure. They offer accurate reduced pressures of air, liquid and saturated steam and a wide range of customization for difficult applications.

Features And Benefits

  • Simple, self-contained construction reduces the number of parts helping to improve process performance and keep maintenance costs low
  • Multiple spring range options provide tighter control to set point for improved process consistency
  • Internal sensing and large diaphragm area facilitate accurate pressure control
  • A wide range of custom options, including alloy construction, provide reliable solutions for the most difficult applications for long term reliability

Common Applications

The Masoneilan 171-172 Series regulators provide accurate pressure reduction in less severe industrial liquid, gas, and steam applications.