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Clark-Reliance Jerguson® Magnicator

Specifically designed for low pressure, light duty applications, the Jerguson Mini-Magnicator utilizes a 1-1/4″ Schedule 10 chamber. This smaller, lighter chamber is a great replacement for fragile tubular glass. The Mini-Magnicator provides the same easy to read level indication as the Jerguson Magnicator in a more economical package. The Mini-Magnicator utilizes the standard Jerguson latching flag design; stainless steel flags each with a ceramic magnet for maximum reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • No glass in contact with process fluid

  • Clear visual indication from extended viewing distances

  • Design to ASME B31.1 / B31.3

  • Choice of mounting styles

  • Economical magnetic gage features single bar magnet float

  • Pressures to 400 PSI (27 bar) @ 100°F (38°C)

  • Temperatures to 500°F (260°C)

  • Specific gravity 0.7 or greater

  • Local indication only

Common Applications

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