Industry Leaders in Industrial Repairs & Maintenance

As one of the largest independently owned machine shops in the country, Chalmers and Kubeck is proud to provide our customers with expert industrial and maintenance of all types. With 240 skilled employees and recognition as a leader in authorized repairs, we offer these services and more as we continue to further our success in the industry.

A Wide Range of Services to Fit Any Need

Whether you need turn-key alignment for gears, CNC milling services, field valve servicing, or on-site machine repairs, Chalmers & Kubeck has you covered. Our team at C&K are experts in all of our service areas, which span from gear repair to welding and fabrication. In addition to our highly-qualified and experienced staff, we operate out of an ISO certified state-of-the-art facility in Aston, PA. Our flexible shift hours, expansive facility, and field service capabilities allow us to tackle any solution you need on-site or in the field.

Not Only Experienced, But Highly Qualified

In addition to being ISO 9001:2008 registered for quality assurance, we also hold other certifications enabling us to properly create and repair various forms of equipment. Some of these include ASME Stamp certifications, National Board R, and National Board Nuclear certifications. These certifications are further enhanced by the extensive experience of our staff, having worked on a plethora of on-site and field projects.

Contact C&K Today for Expert Solutions

Chalmers & Kubeck is ready to assist you with your equipment needs, whether it’s valve repair, pump installation, CNC manufacturing, or another of our focus areas. Contact us today or give us a call at 610-494-4300 to get started!