EMR Safety Rating

Thank you C&K Team for our Incredible EMR rating!

  • 31 Mar 2017

At Chalmers and Kubeck South, our culture is one of excellence and always striving to be better. We sincerely believe in having a questioning attitude so that we may continue to learn and improve processes and in every thing we do, be safe. The result of this culture is exemplified in our latest EMR rating where we are now down to an impressive .70 rating. But what is an EMR rating exactly? And as a customer, why should it matter to you?

EMR, three little letters but they carry a significant weight when it comes to evaluating companies to perform work at your plant. EMR stands for “Experience Modification Rate”. It is used when determining how much a company pays towards workers compensation insurance. So simply, the less insurance claims for injuries, the lower the rate and less cost in premiums for the company. The typical Industry requirement is an EMR of 1.0 or less. At this rate, the “list price” would be used for workman’s compensation insurance costs to an employer. At a .70 EMR, there would be a 30% discount on those rates due to the lack of previous claims. A true safety culture is about taking care of your people, as well as the people around you. That winning attitude, over time, leads to lower EMR ratings as well as a happy and safe workforce.

Why should this matter? One universal truth consistent with all industries we serve, is their respect for not only professional work, but SAFE work. Some specifically look to the EMR as evidence; for others a low EMR is just the icing on the cake.

At Chalmers & Kubeck, it is more importantly a beacon of the standards we strive to promote to our team members; all of them contribute to this safety culture and this resulting EMR rating. With our work environments constantly changing, their vigilance is vital to understanding the varying risks and then adapting to them with prepared safe work plans and the discipline to follow rigorous safety protocols.

So thank you to each and every member of the CKS team for your efforts in helping us achieve and important safety milestone, and more importantly, for continuing to help us improve. Thank you to all of our customers who have encouraged our team to conduct themselves in a safe manner and understanding “Safety First”, even if it takes just a little longer.