Copes Vulcan Trim, Copes-Vulcan


Copes-Vulcan RAVEN™ trims are used in severe service applications where true velocity control is needed by limiting the fluid velocities at the exit of the trim. RAVEN™ trim precludes the problems typically associated with high velocity: erosion, vibration, poor control and cavitation.

Every RAVEN™ trim is custom designed to meet the needs of the toughest liquid, steam and gas services in the power and process industries.

Copes-Vulcan has over 100 years of experience selecting the most suitable materials for the operating conditions and the application. Our expertise has been developed through laboratory research and field experience, resulting in valves that offer superior control, actuation and long-term performance.

Features And Benefits

  • Tight Shutoff: Equipped with various plugs (unbalanced, balanced, tandem, etc.) RAVEN™ can provide shutoff classes ranging from ANSI/FCI Class IV to VI and MSS-SP-61.
  • Resists Plugging and Galling: An internal pressure balancing groove on each disk ensures equal pressure distribution eliminating the potential for side loading and galling of the plug. Bypasses in the flow paths allow entrained debris to clear the main fluid path.
  • Easily serviced: Quick-change design with no threaded or welded parts. Seat ring is a separate replaceable item.
  • Characterization: Able to provide application specific performance response for optimum system performance.
  • Quieter: Size for size RAVEN™ trim has been proven quieter than the stacked disc trims of our competitors in extensive laboratory testing.
  • Adaptable Flow Direction: Flow can be either over or under the seat depending on the fluid, the service and in some instances, the piping configuration.
  • Retrofits/Upgrades: Readily tailored to fit valves previously supplied without RAVEN™ trim – Copes-Vulcan or other brands.

Common Applications