MA-II / MA-IIU Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheaters

Copes Vulcan Desuperheaters, Copes-Vulcan

MA-II / MA-IIU Mechanical Atomizing Desuperheaters

The Copes-Vulcan MA-II/MA-IIU is a mechanical atomizing desuperheater that is generally used for applications which feature steady loads. It is particularly designed for rugged service and can maintain final temperature to within 20°F (11°C) of saturation.

Features And Benefits

In addition to steady load service, it is often used for attemporating applications, and performs equally well for both. Maximum cooling liquid capacity is 175,000 lb/hr (80,000 kg/hr) at a nozzle differential pressure of 400 psi (2760 kPa) when using 100°F (38°C) water.

This model is available in two mounting options. The MA-II is designed for welding to the pipe line and the MA-IIU is flange mounted. The MA-IIU also offers mounting commonality with other ‘U’-series desuperheaters (MA-IU, MNSD-V and SAMN-U).

Common Applications

Mechanics of Copes Vulcan DeSuperheaters