HUSH® Trim

Copes Vulcan Trim, Copes-Vulcan

HUSH® Trim

The HUSH® trim is an innovative concept in control valve trim designed by Copes-Vulcan for high pressure drop liquid, gas, and steam applications.

HUSH® is a cage guided trim that provides excellent control by directing the flow through a series of staged pressure drops. Cavitation, excessive leakage, hazardous noise, vibration and mechanical failures can be eliminated with HUSH trim – reducing down time and expensive maintenance costs.

Features And Benefits

  • HUSH® trim provides a cost effective option for severe duty applications where stacked disc trim is not required.
  • Resolves existing problems for both compressible and noncompressible fluid flow applications.
  • Pressure breakdown occurs in stages within the cage away from the plug surface, extending seat and trim life.
  • Generally limits noise to 85dBa or less
  • Multiple pressure drops prevent sonic velocity from occurring within valve
  • Prevents aerated liquids from eroding trim and valve parts

Common Applications