GAD Trim

Copes Vulcan Trim, Copes-Vulcan

GAD Trim

The Copes-Vulcan Port Throttling GAD trim was developed to meet the rigorous requirements of feedwater and feedwater start-up control. GAD trim is an excellent solution for all applications where plug instability or vibration exists due to turbulence or high velocity.

The GAD trim is suitable for use with steam and many other fluids. It has been successfully used on high-pressure water applications involving pressure up to 5075 psi (350 Bar) and pressure differential of up to 3625 psi (250 Bar).

Features And Benefits

  • The control mechanism is situated in a zone of low turbulence that avoids flow-induced instability or standing pressure waves.
  • Internal cage guiding results in low hydraulic unbalance, reducing required actuator force.
  • Custom engineering of the flow control areas optimizes the valve characteristic to system requirements.
  • The flow streams through the stationary cage result in energy dissipating jet impingement within the bore of the cage.
  • Designed to give optimum flexibility in power operated control valves, the trim is available in double seat, balanced single seat and tandem versions.
  • Quick-change design with no threaded or welded parts. Seat ring is a separate replaceable item.

Common Applications