Direct Steam Converting Valve (DSCV)

Copes Vulcan Steam Conditioning, Copes-Vulcan

Direct Steam Converting Valve (DSCV)

The Copes-Vulcan DSCV is an angle style valve that combines pressure and temperature reduction . The DSCV is custom engineered for specific operating parameters. DSCVs are generally used for applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.

Features And Benefits

  • High flow capacity to 9500 Cv
  • Pressure class to ANSI Class 4500
  • Unlimited inlet/outlet connections available
  • Class V shut off available
  • Multiple spray configurations available
  • Valve trim serviceable in line through bonnet
  • Low noise trim options including Raven and Hush styles
  • Broad range of actuators to meet stroke time requirements
  • Diffuser provided for additional noise and vibration control

Common Applications