Machining Field Services

C&K is the name you can trust because we understand the urgency in keeping your parts and machines in peak condition, and we’re prepared to handle anything from on-the-spot equipment modifications to field balancing and laser alignments.

Chalmers &Kubeck provides a dedicated machining department for on-site evaluation of machine repairs and field service capabilities. Whether you require valve seat field repairs, bearing journal sleeve repair, machine base milling or key-way milling, our skilled technicians will help assess your needs and find the most efficient solution to keep your business running.


We offer self-contained mobile machining trailers and vehicles, and we provide field services ranging from stud removal and tapping, heat exchanger repair and pipe cutting to weld preparation, vibration analysis and long-term data mapping. With 50-inch diameter in-house flange facing and up to 120-inch diameter on rental equipment, as well as in-line boring up to 50-inch diameter including gasket surfaces of pump barrels, we have the capabilities to meet your on-site machining and field repair service needs.

Outline Material:

  • Self-contained mobile machining trailers and vehicles
  • Flange facing up to 50” Dia. (In House), 120” (Rental Equipment)
  • In-line boring up to 50” Dia.
  • Including gasket surfaces of pump barrels

Stud Removal and tapping

  • Up to 5”

Machine base milling

  • Up to 5”

Bearing journal sleeve repair

  • 24” Dia. Max

Valve seat repairs

  • Hard face removal
  • Weld build up
  • Finish machining seat angles

Key-way milling

  • Relocating
  • Enlarging
  • Repair

Heat Exchanger repair

  • Resurfacing gasket area
  • Milling of division plates

Pipe cutting

  • Up to 16 Dia.

Weld preparation

  • Up to 16 Dia.

Equipment Modification

  • Welding
  • Boring
  • Counter boring
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Tapping

Laser alignments

Field balancing

Vibration analysis and long term data mapping