About Us


Chalmers & Kubeck, Inc. is a recognized leader in manufacturing maintenance and repair with a hard-earned reputation for quality, services and complete customer satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art, three-acre facility is an authorized repairs center with ISO 9001:2008 registration for complete quality assurance. Whether you need service or support for anything from pumps, turbines and gearboxes to compressors and industrial valves, we have the expert staff and efficient solutions to meet your needs.


Located in Aston, PA, in close proximity to the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, C&K’s flagship facility is manned by 240 dedicated, highly-skilled employees with operation hours split into two 10-hour shifts. We understand the pressing needs our clients have for prompt attention to the parts and machines that keep their businesses running, and we supply around-the-clock emergency repair, in addition to 24-hour pick up and drop off service. With a long history working with a wide range of local businesses and industries, we feature broad capabilities in handling all types of maintenance and repair jobs.

 Our Expansive Maintenance Center

The Chalmers & Kubeck manufacturing maintenance and repair center features both a 150,000-square-foot main building, in addition to a 27,000-square-foot dedicated valve shop. With a huge machining capacity of 130 machine tools and the floor space for large parts or large quantity orders, we stand ready to meet your most demanding needs. Known throughout the region for having an impressive overhead crane lifting capacity, the facility houses a total of 22 overhead cranes with up to 50 tons of capacity.


In addition to our flagship facility in Pennsylvania, Chalmers & Kubeck is comprised of 12 strategically positioned locations to provide prompt service for businesses across the greater East Coast. Each of our C&Kaffiliates represent the quality and service our company name has come to represent since launching in 1950, from our northernmost facilities in New England all the way down to C&K South Sales in Central Florida. So whether your business is located in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,Pennsylvania,Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida or Tennessee, you can take advantage of Chalmers & Kubeck’s legendary service and top-quality manufacturing maintenance and repair.

Quality Programs

ISO 9001:2008 – Registered

ASME Stamp “V” – Assembly of Section I valves, Cert #21441

ASME Stamp “UV” – Assembly of Section III valves, Cert # 21442

ASME Stamp “U”, “PP”

National Board “R”


-National Board “NR-VR”

-National Board “NR” Certificate of Authorization

-10CFR50 Appendix B/NQA-1 2008/09 Addendum

General Company Information

Operation Hours: 2/10hr Shifts, 24HR Emergency Repair

Machining Capacity: 130 Machine Tools

Overhead Crane Lifting Capacity: 22 overhead cranes in total, Up to 75 Tons.

24 Hr Pick Up and Drop Off

Floor Space for large parts or large quantities

– 150,000 sq.ft. in Main Building

– 27,000 sq.ft. Valve Shop

– 50,000 sq.ft. New Shop, Pittsburgh